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SWIM is all about the creative flow and playing with music.  I designed it for my live performances and have created all of the remixes on this site with it on the fly.  It's fun, playful and very spontaneous.  Use any of my looppacks to create unique great sounding compositions. You will be impressed with what swim enables you to do.  You can express yourself and create a live remix with it very easily and all of my loop packs will be playable with it.

The early version will exist inside an ableton live set utilizing max4live with a stand-alone version on the way.

Watch the video above to see it in action.

 Points to show in video

-1 swim allows you to swim in sound and play with music.

 - 1, Swim turns ableton into a live playable, loop remixing instrument, with it, you can easily create remixes entirely on the fly, or use it to discover and transform unique loops and samples that you can use in your own music.


-any loop pack on my site can be loaded into it, and I'm updating the loop pool almost daily. (demonstrate this, press "pack" buttons that will populate with dates), and from the get go you will be making music instantly.

- 2, anything done on swim live can then be entirely edited later.

-3,  As soon as you load one of these packs, there is no setup time, there is no looking at anything, you are creating music with it instantly.

-4 Swim is setup in a way that lets you transform the loops into something entirely

   new with extremely little effort.

-5 You can perform with it live, or use it to create a remix you can share online, or

    use samples created with it to create something entirely new.

-4 no subscription required.

-5 all loopacks are availble to preview from within the app itself.  Use node for this, query a server of files. press packs, you can choose day, month, etc, but also tags,,tempo, mood, 

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