WhatsApp me a sound as I livestream!

WhatsApp Number is

 +1 213 731 1014


Send me anything as a voice message, I'll sample it and alter it to fit into the music.

Some of the music I make will be released, and if I want to use a sound you sent me in a release, I will let you know and seek your permission with royalty splits etc first.

Also, if you want to be credited, please send me your handle/name/whatever you want to be credited as.  

If I use your sound in a post, I'll make sure to tag/credit you.

If you want to know whenever I stream, just WhatsApp me the word WHENEVER, and I'll send you a message each time I start a stream.

If you want to receive a newsletter about what I'm up to every now and then, WhatsApp me the word NEWSLETTER.

Just let me know if you want to stop any of these also.

Donations are much appreciated and can be made clicking the button