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Sample Pack #001
- Chapel Hill, North Carolina, March 4th 2019

This is my first sample pack! I Flew to Durham from Los Angeles to pick up my van and set out on my next roadtrip adventure. No real plan to make my sample pack here as I didn't quite have everything ready. Turns out, my dear friends, Amelia and Nick, who let me leave my van parked at their place, were about to travel to LA to do some recording, so I house sat for them for a couple of weeks, locked myself away from the world and worked pretty much non stop till I got my sample pack making method done! Here is the result.


Plenty more sample packs and an instrument to play them all to come so stay tuned and follow the journey!

  • - 16 Sampled "Objects" with a pdf description of each.

  • - 16 One-shots of each object.

  • - Various Resampled One-shots

  • - 64 Played Loops in 3 tempos.

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