Jam along, hit record, then hit preview, if you like what you did, hit send to send it me!

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For Eaden-- 

So here is where the user would see themselves and be able to simultaneously watch/listen to, and jam along with the stream. Bascially like a video chat, where instead of me chatting to them, they are just submitting musical ideas and sending them to me.


They could record a clip, then hitting preview would play the clip back to them, (the clip preview would not include what I was doing on the stream at that time).  If they like it, they can hit send, in which case I will get sent the video straight into a harddrive I have connected to a server,,my software will automatically load any new videos as they arrive, so I can preview them on the fly and incorporate into the music...I'm working on a video to demonstrate the whole video sampling process, so it will be a bit more clear soon.  

I've also had some ideas about how the videos could be recorded as 8, 16, or 32 beat long loops, in relation to the tempo of the jam, and be recorded in sync with what I'm doing.  So the recording would begin in sync with the stream, at beat 1 of the selected video loop length.  This would allow me to playback the videos sent to me, in relation to where in the beat the person was playing the musical idea. That feature will make it much more musical and usable for the user, but definitely more complexity to build,,,I'll get onto demonstrating that concept soon too so we can chat about the possibilities of it happening