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My first episode! This will document the rest of my van journey back to LA,,,I have a plan but it's very open and keeps changing, so please suggest interesting places I can visit, things you'd like me to cover and ways this can be more interactive...

You can download all related sounds and music here, also if you click on the melodics button, you will be able to download the app and have access to the lessons...For free!!

Sounds and Samples

And Lessons

Here you can download the tracks I made, also the stems and loops from each track, and if you use Ableton, the samples download includes and Ableton set which makes it easy to remix.  If you make something from the   stems/loops and want to release it commercially, please buy a license first.  The one-shot's (when ready) are free and royalty-free for you to do whatever with!

Click the Melodics button to download the app get to the lessons 

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