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If you downloaded samples from my music and created something new from it, and now want to release it commercially, this is where you can buy a license to do so legally.  I've made a couple of easy flat rate style options, but feel free to contact me if these don't quite fit your particular situation.  



- Use Loops/Stems in 1    track.


-Upload to Spotify , Itunes,  Apple Music, etc.

- 1 Music Video.

- Up to 5000 Sales.

- Up to 100,000 Streams.

- Keep 70% Royalties.

- Please credit 

"Samples provided by Lucky Paul".



- Use Loops/Stems in up to 2 tracks.

-Upload to Spotify , Itunes,  Apple Music, etc.

- 1 Music Video per track.

- Up to 10,000 Sales per track

- Up to 500,000 Streams per track.

- Keep 85% Royalties. 

- Please credit 

"Samples provided by Lucky Paul"


For an exclusive license, or any other requests (custom creations or remixes, sync requests, etc) please contact me below.

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