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The second track from my visit to the Moog factory.  It utilizes more of the factory than the last track, and I went into the synth store to sample some of what they had on display too.   I also did the tour and learned more about Bob Moog's legacy he left behind.  


I was so inspired by the way they run things there.  Everything feels very cared for, the way they do things, and there is a great sense of respecting the history of the company while moving forward.   It’s also an employee owned company which just seems to add to the whole vibe of the place.  You get the sense it exists in Asheville in part to help the local community there which I loved.  It all just seems a great example of how to do something right.  


Bob for sure cared deeply about helping people through his work and doing things with integrity, and it still shines through today.  They have a great organic approach to building things also, a whole section of the factory builds modular synths just as they were built back in the 60's and 70's.  Then with the modern synths they are totally pushing things forward.  Best of both worlds.  


I had just added a feature to my instrument that would allow me to flick between different tempos and collections of loops as I go, so I could make multiple tracks at once.  This was the first time I really tried this feature so I was relieved it actually worked!  Hence there are 2 tracks from the factory visit, and many more loops and samples I'm yet to release.  Enjoy!

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