This is the first track I made from my visit to the Moog factory.  


It was a fun time going there, you can read more about the whole factory visit on the page for the 2nd track from it Here.


As well as the factory sounds I collected, this track utilizes a bunch of the Moog One.  Moog kindly lent it to me while I was in town,,,It's a beauty and a beast of a synthesizer, you seem to never run out of sonic variety with it, I would spend ages just going on sound journeys.   I also had a good play with the DFAM (Drummer from another mother)  and ran a bunch of videos and sounds through it’s audio input from my iPhone.  I’ve never really explored modular synths before but this was a really inviting and simple but open place to start for sure.  I ended up sampling a whole lot out of this gear and plan to release the samples also, so keep an eye out for my first Sample pack with these sounds and more!